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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

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Car Talk is a radio show on internet radio. Tom and Ray Magliozzi answer listener questions about car problems. Tune in for information or for a laugh - both are offered!


Comedy, Science, and Other genres



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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

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Is It OK to Shift into Drive While Rolling Backward?

Ray doles out mechanical and marital advise on the subject

Can a Car Be Too Quiet?

How automakers cure those sneaky EVs

Is Dealer on the up and up about This Transmission?

Will a hot transmission cost Michelle a cool five grand?

Mystery Hoses on Fuel Pump Go Nowhere

This Ranger has thrown Robert a curveball

Modern Tanks Don't Gather Debris

Your gas tank is likely crud-free.

Relax, Dad -- the Car's Got This Whole 'Starting' Thing Figured Out

Being kind to your car isn't necessary in this case.


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