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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

Tune in Early (Live on 6/3/17 at 6:00AM)

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Car Talk is a radio show on internet radio. Tom and Ray Magliozzi answer listener questions about car problems. Tune in for information or for a laugh - both are offered!


Comedy, Science, and Other genres



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Internet Radio Show: Car Talk

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A Weaving Car Is Not Safe to Drive

Lucy checked all the usual suspects on her weaving Corolla, but there's another culprit to investigate.

Using Cruise Control on Downgrades Won't Harm Your Engine

Doug uses cruise control to slow his roll on descents. How does this affect his drivetrain?

Is Engine Noise in Brand-New Car Normal?

Mary Lou's new car has odd noises escaping from the engine compartment. Do "they all do that" or should she press her mechanic for an answer?

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'

Art's BMW occasionally releases a smoke screen that would make James Bond proud. His mechanic isn't having any luck replicating the problem. What gives?

Alignment Check Can Confirm If There Is a Control Arm Mix-Up

Laura rebuilt the front end of her Taurus, but has a nagging suspiciion that some parts were mixed up. How can she tell for sure?

His Windshield Wipers Seem to Have No 'off' Switch

The windshied wipers on Steve's Chrysler Town & Country won't turn off, even with the car off. How can he keep them from going to town?


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