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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Bob Edwards hosted this popular NPR news magazine show for over twenty years before leaving in May 2004. The timely reports and interviews on current events, arts, and sports continue with the familiar voices of Steve Inskeep, Renée Montagne, Susan Stamberg, Madeleine Brand, Juan Williams, Frank Deford, Baxter Black, Cokie Roberts, Jean Cochran, Carl Kasell, and Alex Chadwick (leading NPR's Radio Expeditions series in partnership with the National Geographic Society). Thirteen million public radio listeners start their day with Morning Edition!


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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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BuzzFeed News Reporter Details Story About Trump, Michael Cohen And Lying To Congress
A new story in Buzzfeed News says President Trump directed his former lawyer to lie to Congress. Anthony Cormier, one of the Buzzfeed News reporters who broke the story, talks to Steve Inskeep.
African Leaders Want Congo To Delay Declaring Final Results Of Presidential Election
The African Union is calling on the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hold off declaring final results of the disputed presidential election. African leaders have "serious doubts" about the results.
As More Migrants Are Denied Asylum, An Abuse Survivor Is Turned Away
The Justice Department made it harder for asylum claims based on domestic abuse and gang violence cases to succeed. A young woman from Nicaragua was one of the first migrants to be denied.
President Trump Postpones House Speaker Pelosi's Trip To Afghanistan
Trump appears to be retaliating against Nancy Pelosi for suggesting he delay his State of the Union speech amid the government shutdown, by postponing at the last minute, her trip to Afghanistan.
Police In Kutztown, Pa., Find Volunteers Willing To Drink To Excess
The department, looking for training help, posted the Facebook request on Wednesday and was flooded with volunteers. On Thursday, a department comment read, "At this point we have enough volunteers."
Fire Department In England Rescues Cat (And Owner) Stuck In A Tree
The BBC reports that Maria Parry searched for her cat for three days before finding it. She climbed up the tree to comfort the cat and realized she was too terrified to climb down.

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