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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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Bob Edwards hosted this popular NPR news magazine show for over twenty years before leaving in May 2004. The timely reports and interviews on current events, arts, and sports continue with the familiar voices of Steve Inskeep, Renée Montagne, Susan Stamberg, Madeleine Brand, Juan Williams, Frank Deford, Baxter Black, Cokie Roberts, Jean Cochran, Carl Kasell, and Alex Chadwick (leading NPR's Radio Expeditions series in partnership with the National Geographic Society). Thirteen million public radio listeners start their day with Morning Edition!


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Internet Radio Show: Morning Edition

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In Fast-Paced China, Marathon Craze Is Off And Running (Despite A Clumsy Start)
Six years ago, China held 22 marathons; this year, more than 400 are scheduled. But it's long-distance running with Chinese characteristics, and some twists including cigarettes and fruity soap.
Senators To Receive North Korea Briefing From Intelligence Officials
Steve Inskeep talks to Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, one of 100 U.S. senators invited by the White House to a briefing from the president's top military and intelligence officials.
Robot Security Guards Coming To Shopping Malls
A Silicon Valley company is putting security robots inside shopping malls in New York and Massachusetts. If they can prove the robots reduce crime, they'll start selling to police departments.
Nobody's Seen The Loch Ness Monster Lately
Gary Campbell, who keeps an official Loch Ness monster sightings list, says last year set a record for sightings of the mythical creature. But now, "She seems to have disappeared," he said.
Morning News Brief: Trump's Tax Plan, North Korea, Killings On Facebook Live
President Trump will announce his tax plan Wednesday. Also, Holly Bailey of Yahoo News talks about a briefing Senators will receive on North Korea, and another killing was broadcast on Facebook Live.
Republicans Begin Hearings To Peel Back Dodd-Frank
House Republicans hold a hearing Wednesday on a plan to rewrite Dodd-Frank, the law put in place after the 2008 financial crisis. The Republican plan is known as the Financial Choice Act.

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