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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

Tune in Early (Live on 9/24/18 at 9:00AM)

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World Cafe is a radio show streamed on internet radio and has a broad range of innovative sounds drawn from contemporary American as well as international music. Host David Dye presents music and live interviews from the World Care studios in Philadelphia.


Adult Contemporary genre



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Internet Radio Show: World Cafe

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Steve Perry Stopped Believing For a While
But he's back! Former Journey lead singer Steve Perry is about to release his first new album in over two decades. Perry talks about why he left Journey in 1987 at the height of their fame, and the difficult personal period that followed shortly after, during which he couldn't listen to music. He also shares the story of his life-changing relationship with a woman named Kellie Nash who Perry says made him feel loved for the first time. His new record Traces marks the fulfillment of a promise he made to Nash before she died in 2012.
Building Leon Bridges
After the incredible success of Bridges' 2015 debut album Coming Home, people were eager to label him "the new Sam Cooke". On his 2018 follow-up Good Thing, Bridges is breaking free of that label and proving he can't be put in a musical box. On the album's last song "Georgia to Texas" Bridges chronicles some of his origin story. He grew up in Forth Worth and went to a predominantly white school where he didn't fit in with some of the other black students. We talk about how he discovered his own identity through dance, hear him cover the Ginuwine song "Pony" and Bridges shares why he's written songs inspired by his mom Lisa on both of his albums.
Philly Folk Festival – Far Out with David Dye
The Philadelphia Folk Festival just celebrated it's 57th go-round of concerts, workshops, camping and folkie camaraderie on The Olde Poole Farm outside of Philadelphia this past August. For the last 11 years our Host Emeritus, David Dye, has presented live music on the festival's campground stage, a special gathering on Thursday night that, in the past, has featured Sturgill Simpson, Amanda Shires, Deer Tick, Joan Shelley and others. This year, David Dye presents three special performances from Chicago bluesman Toronzo Cannon, Scottish folk group Talisk, and singer-songwriter Gina Chavez. It's a special Philly Folk Festival edition of the World Cafe.

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